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Construction Engineer/Estimator: Dave O’Mara Contractor, Inc. is seeking a full-time Project Engineer/Estimator for its North Vernon, Indiana office.  Salary and comprehensive benefits package included.

Project Engineer/Estimator Duties/Responsibilities:Plans, coordinates, budgets and oversees activities concerning the construction and pavement of heavy/highway projects, including bridge construction projects.

Essential Functions/Competencies:

  • Prepares estimates for INDOT projects, including but not limited to bridge construction projects
  • Analyzes blueprints, specifications, proposals and other documentation to generate and develop quotes/estimates
  • Computes various cost factors
  • Prepares budgets and schedules for work; Ensures timely completion of project through schedule
  • Manages project administration and completes and maintains all project documentation
  • Reviews change orders and prepare cost estimates and change order submittals
  • Develops robust knowledge of all project plans, specifications, subcontracts, purchase orders, shop drawings, submittals, etc.
  • Travels to job sites
  • Reviews billings and job cost reports
  • Develops effective working relationships with owner, subcontractors, suppliers, and customers
  • Builds relationships and teamwork among company employees as well as all project participants
  • Problem-solves throughout entire project process
  • Maintains strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Maintains proficient computer skills


Education/Experience:  Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, construction management or related discipline, or equivalent work experience; 3 plus years’ work experience in construction industry


Interested:  Please send any inquiries or submit your resumes to